Our aim is to create beautiful lasting pieces, made my women for women, while manufacturing with greater care and awareness for our planet.

A journey that will forever allow room for growth and change.  We are here to learn and through our transparently we hope to take you along and discover this with us.

Feeling beautiful, while wearing your impact.

If this is YOU ~ Welcome. xx


Our clothing is made in the garment district in New York City. We prioritize fair treatment of workers and have a close personal relationship with the small team of women who make our ready to wear pieces. Local manufacturing reduces our carbon footprint, supports the economy, and allows us to personally check in on our team who operate under the USA worker protection laws.


Currently we source our ready to wear materials from Elliott Berman Textiles in New York City who supply luxury sustainably sourced fabrics made in mills from France, Italy and Germany that are regulated under the EU sustainability laws for textile production.  We also prioritize using natural fibers, fabrics made from one composition and do not use fur, leather or any other animal source in our designs. Our packaging is made from recycled plastic. 

Our current swimwear pieces were our very first collection. The materials for these are all not natural fibers.  All future swimwear designs will be sourced using sustainably friendly fabrics.